Facial Steamers - Use & Benefits
Dermatologists agree a facial steamer is an absolute necessity when it
comes to clean and clear, healthy skin.  Steam penetrates the skin, opening
the pores allowing for deeper cleansing.  Essentially your skin sweats,
causing the pores to open and breathe.   This provides the perfect
opportunity to remove the dirt and grime that accumulates throughout the
day.  This is especially important if you live in large cities or heavily trafficked
areas.  You will encounter more dust and dirt in the air in these areas and it
becomes even more beneficial to use a facial steamer.

Many people will turn to scrubs, chemical peels and high frequency facial
machines to clear acne and skin blemishes.  These can be costly, time
consuming and require the assistance of a professional dermatologist or
licensed esthetician.  A good daily cleanser, supplemented by weekly
use can result in clear and healthy skin.

Most common spa facials will start off with a good cleansing utilizing a
professional facial steamer.  Now you can afford to achieve the same results
at home with your own personal, portable
mini facial steamer.   Whether you’
re a professional or home user, we have a range of home and spa facial
steamers to meet your needs.

Facials can do much more than just clean your skin.  Sure facial steamers
are great for opening clogged pores and allowing for deep cleaning,
increased circulation, resulting in a healthy more youthful appearance.  
Facial steamers can also stimulate and relax the senses.  Just the
sensation of closing your eyes and feeling the warmth of hot, moist steam
roll over your lips, cheeks, nose and eye-lids will leave you feeling rested
and relaxed.  Facial steamers can make the stress melt away.

Use your facial steamer on a regular basis and experiment with some
essential oils.  Our facial steamers feature integrated compartments or felt
pads for essential oils.  Try a couple drops of Lavender or Ylang Ylang
essential oils to achieve deep relaxation.  These are commonly known to
induce a relaxation response amongst people who use them.  Combine
these scents with the healing properties of the warm, moist steam and you
may find your deep in a deep trance like state thought only obtainable
through house of meditation or massage therapy.

Nasal congestion can also be helped with the assistance of a facial
steamer.  Hot steam loosens the constricted sinus passages, allowing for
deeper unobstructed breathing.  Add an essential oil like mint or Eucalyptus
more the most effective natural nasal decongestant.  This beats the
alternative of holding your head over a boiling hot pot of water, using a towel
to collect the steam or turning your shower on and emptying your hot water
heater.  Some facial steamers include herbal baskets for those who prefer
to use all natural herbs.  The steam is generated and passes through these
herbs on its way to the face and nose, resulting in the cleanest extraction of
healing properties contained in nature’s herbs.

Facial steamers can be purchased for the home in mini portable versions or
full-size professional models.  Clearer skin, relaxed state of mind, better
breathing is just a few of the countless benefits.
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